Don't Miss This Epic 3-Day Real Estate Event, March 25th,  26th & 27th in Chattanooga, TN.

Don't Miss This Epic 3-Day Real Estate Event, November 5th, 6th & 7th in Chattanooga, TN.

Learn The Selling Secrets The Guru's Don't Want You To Know

Welcome to DispoEXPOSED 3-Day Training Event!

This ground breaking event is the one you have been waiting for, it is truly the missing link in real estate education. Have you ever noticed that every course and guru out there always leaves this part out? The most important part, how to actually sell the deal and get paid!

At This 3-Day Training Event I'll pull back the curtains so you can see EXACTLY how a million dollar wholesale company works! Nothing will be held back!
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What You'll Get... 
   3 Days of training with my team and I at Nationwide Property Liquidators Office to see our processes, learn at our systems and see our paperwork.
   An in-depth discussion off the contracts, checklists, and procedures that we use to regularly sell 100k+ per month.
   ALL of the contracts and paperwork that you will need to go home and duplicate our system to become the DOMINANT wholesaler in your market.
   You will learn not only HOW to market your deals like a pro, but more importantly the philosophy behind it so you understand why it works and the confidence to go home and train your team!
   Cutting edge ninja negotiating techniques for getting the maximum assignment fees from your buyers. Never get beat up on price again!!
This Event Will Show You How To sell wholesale deals faster & Maximize Your Profit!
3-Day Event Agenda
March 25th: 2pm to 6pm - Office Visit & Welcome Session
March 26th: 10am to 5pm - Full day of Dispositions Processes & Marketing
March 27th: 10am to Close - Negotiating with buyers, Transaction Coordinating & how to become the Dominant Wholesaler in your market!
Event Location:  5312 Ringgold Road - Suite 202 East Ridge, TN 37412

( These 3 days will be jam packed with valuable training! ) 


Because we are holding this event in our office, we will be limiting the number of people who can attend.

David Olds
Meet Expert David Olds...
David Olds is a full time real estate investor based out of Chattanooga, TN. He started investing back in 2002 when he and his wife bought their first home that was unknowingly a foreclosure. After flipping that property for 50k they discovered the world of real estate investing and went on to do numerous flips. 

Along the way he accumulated over 100 rental properties and continued to flip, mastering not only wholesaling but property management as well as raising private money. 

Now David is a sought after speaker and coach who has a thriving nationwide wholesale company and continues to grow his rental portfolio while teaching the next generation of investors the tips and secrets that they need to rapidly grow their business and get to their desired income level & lifestyle.

Some of David’s guiding principles are “Simplicity is Scalable” and “Always Start With The End In Mind” and it’s this common sense approach to business that has enabled him to build a strong business with an amazing team.

David has mastered the ability to sell just about any deal anyplace, no matter what the condition is. Everything from turn-key rentals to tornado ravaged luxury homes! I've built a team based on solid marketing and sales fundamentals that make it happen every day and I can teach you to do the same thing!


"I had a ball learning all of David's different techniques. Anyone starting out new and wants to start cashing checks, this is life changing"
"Now I feel empowered to make it happen. There is something here for anybody to take away"
"David Olds is great, he's honest and down to earth. He's great working with.  He's basically given me the foundation to my entire system"
"I learned how to scale and it was definitely worth the investment and I recommend it to anyone interested in wholesaling"
"Great experience with David,  learned a ton of information. He is super meticulous, great all around experience for me."

This is not a $997 weekend course of fluff that is meant to upsell you to another event or coaching. This is the real stuff. We are not looking to fill the room with 50 people. This is a small gathering of investors who want to double or triple their assignment fees over the next few months any don't want and BS guru nonsense! 

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